Hendra Farm

A warm welcome to Hendra Farm

Hendra Farm is set amongst the stunning countryside of South East Cornwall, and is home to an eclectic mix of much loved horses, birds, reptiles, exotic and farm animals, and the awe inspiring owls of Talons, a unique owl experience centre. The farm is zoo licensed and is run by Senara and David Collings, whose high standards of animal welfare and commitment to their lifestyle, is their overriding passion.

Hendra Farm produces the meat for their gourmet Cornish catering business The Ansum Burger Co. which can be seen out and about at local festivals, rallies and agricultural shows, and is also sold to local pubs and private customers.

The farm has been home to several magnificent Shire horses for over twenty years, and still has its first mare, now 25yrs old! They quietly graze the fields whilst many admirers pause to appreciate their sheer size and beauty – they truly are gentle giants!

A flock of Rheas can be seen grazing in the paddocks – they are inquisitive, friendly and rather endearing birds, farmed for eggs, chicks, feathers and meat.

The Herdwick sheep always cause a second look because of their distinctive colouring, and ‘teddy bear’ like faces. They truly are the ‘Houdinis’ of the sheep world, and will find any weakness in your fencing!

The alpacas are also attractive animals, inquisitive but shy, and by farming them for meat, we offer the breed a real future, and improve the welfare of those that don’t ‘make the grade’.

The pigs are kept outside, in specially constructed pens that allow them to get the sun on their backs, but also shelter them from the harsher elements.

The welfare of our livestock and their environment is paramount – we pride ourselves on the care and attention our animals and birds receive on a daily basis. Every official inspection we have ever undergone, whether for zoo licensing or farm cross compliance, has resulted in nothing but praise and commendation from the inspectors – a fact that we are justifiably proud of.

We have been featured on BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Spotlight, Radio 4’s Farming Today and ITV’s The Hungry Sailors